Tuesday 28 April 2020

The goddess Dina Wakley

All hail the absolute art goddess Dina Wakley!!. The one thing that has kept me sane in this lockdown is watching Dina Wakley' s  daily demo's, ...oh my word, why do I always come late to the party!! Why have I not seen her amazing work til now!!. But I absolutely love her style, with her "oops oh well" attitude and her wonderful free brush and pencil strokes that I want to emulate so bad.
Anyway, I took an online class of hers yesterday, called "Page In Motion",and I absolutely loved it. She showed us how to create a journal page with moving parts... dina style!!!. I am in lurvvvvvve.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Blossom With Time

Do artists blossom with time?...I certainly think so, when I look back at my style of crafting when I first started, it has definitely changed, I am still working on trying to be much looser, much freer, and less analytical, I'm not there yet,will I ever get there!!!,definitely not if I am always getting to a point where I dare not make another mark on it for fear of ruining it!!! heck...what do I have to fear...the piece will only go on the teetering mountain of previous stuff anyway!!LOL.
Anyway, enough of my mentality and on to this months challenge, in the garden. sorry guys for my overuse of this brilliant stencil yet again, but I love it, I love the random feel and the freeness that I was talking about, although I think this was more by chance than skill!!