Thursday 21 March 2019

Create Memories

I think I am gonna turn this card into a journal front and fill it with lovely memories of me with my two beautiful Grandchildren. I so wish I had written down all the funny things Jack has said to me, and I can only remember a couple now...grrrr, but I am gonna start from now, Billy can't talk yet, but if he is as funny as his brother then boy oh will be a best seller!!. 

I will give you a preview...
Jack.."Grandma, what are those birds doing on the lawn?"
Me,,"they are eating worms Jack"
Jack.."Worms!!!..thats disgusting"!!!
Me.."Well Jack, Grandma eats sandwiches and cakes, cows eat grass, birds eat worms, what do you eat Jack?
Jack..(saying it very sheepishly).."I eat bogies"!!!!
Cracks me up this boy!!

Anyway, onto my card, this started as one of those gelli prints that you do and love it so much that you are scared to ruin it!!, but I am glad I carried on, it looks very yellow in this picture, but believe me it is very green. with a bit of stamping added, it turned a gelli print that I really liked into a card (or journal front) I love.