Tuesday 23 December 2014


Please excuse my absence, I suppose I am like most people at this time of year....Busy!!! and with the Stampotiques Designer Challenge this month being "Anything goes" ....you would think that this is easy for me but NOOOOO...  it just means that I have no boundaries, and so my mind just turns to mush and cannot function properly!!! ...I absolutely do love a challenge, and the wackier the better, something to really think about, but never ever give me too much choice....cos I just can never make a decision, anyway I had to get my thinking cap on, and thought well... it is the Christmas season, so I chose that as my subject, seems easy now!!! for my card I have used Stampotiques Bow Tie, Hunk, and Are My Pants Too Tight images, aren't they just the cutest threesome!!