Tuesday 21 January 2020

Butterfly Friends

I was watching Hochanda on TV yesterday....I'm always watching Hochanda!!!!... especially when Lou Withers is on, who doesn't love a bit of Lou!!. Anyway, on her show there were some Brusho's, and some new brusho's called Sprinklit. you sprinkle this stuff on top of your brusho's and it makes them sparkle...I ordered some, my brusho's haven't seen the light of day for ages now, so I got them out, if you don't have any I would definitely recommend you do.

I started this card with some texture paste, stamped into it while it was still wet, then once dry I sprinkles the brusho powders on and squirted water on them, I love how they merge and mingle.Can't wait for my Sprinklits to arrive!!

Friday 3 January 2020

Happy Neon Year!!!

Hellooooo everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I have started my crafty new year by using my absolute favourite colours...for the moment!!... yes... Neon colours, so vibrant, I just love em. At the moment I am only using some very cheap poster paint sticks from The Works, truth be told, I bought them for my Grandchildren to use, but as soon as we were having an art session, I felt like hiding them from Jack and Billy, I couldn't believe how gorgeous they were, they certainly don't feel like poster paints, they actually feel exactly like gellatos, rich and creamy, and glide over the paper like a dream.