Wednesday 25 September 2013


The Hambo Hoedown Challenge this week is a sketch challenge drawn by the talented teamie, Deborah. The frame represents the circle, the string represents the stripes across and the FAT BAT, which is the new digi image this week, represents the stripes going down, a bit of imagination I know!!!! but you have to get in my head!!
I have also used the WITCHES BREW, the SPIDERS WEB and the SPIDER, all Hambo rubber stamps, the spiders web and the spider are also available in digis.


I actually started the idea for this card yesterday when I saw that the teapot challenge over at Splitcoaststampers was all about Switzerland, chocolate, clocks, cows, and of course cheeses. Well it got my mind thinking about the CHEESES digi image from HAMBO STAMPS, and as I was thinking about it I noticed the image that I used for my last card (see previous blog post) the wonderfully cute MAD SCIENTIST....who is obviously holding a brain in his hand.....well that leaves scope for me to have him holding lots of different things, hence, the cheeseboard!!! I am a genius!!! :)  Well the idea is as far as it got, then I had a massively busy day, home late, bottle of wine, sloped off to bed. I woke at 3.30am, couldn't stop thinking about this damn card...I get excited when I have good ideas (which is not that often!), I looked on the SCS site for todays sketch challenge, so I have incorporated my card for that too. I told you that you would be seeing more of the Mad Scientist!!!! Dang Cauuuuuuute!!!

Friday 20 September 2013


Squeeee!!!!! I am sooo excited, I just love Hambo's blog hops, and today they are having one with an 80s theme,... well, that was my era (even tho I wished I was a 70s chick!, T Rex, Ziggy Stardust...I'm a sucker for a man who wears heavy make up!!), but like I said, 80s chick me, Wham, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Erasure, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Margaret Thatcher, 1984 pit strike...etc.
 Todays blog hop is called  "Hambo's Time Machine".  Hambo friends and the Bacon Bits Design Team are bringing you fun creations using a Hambo stamps image that depict something cool from the 1980's! It might be a favorite book, something in the news then, a fashion fad, a song, or something that really stuck out to us in looking back.  If you arrived here from  Hetty  you are in the right place, If not, you can start back at the beginning at the Hambo blog to make sure you are eligible for a hopper prize! which will be awarded to one participant whose time machine creation tickles the Bacon Bits’ fancy, another prize will be awarded randomly to a hopper who comments on all of the blogs along the way. Winners will be announced on the blog, Talk to the Ham, on Wed, Sept 25, as well as at the Hambo Hoedown challenge blogthe deadline for prize entry comments is Sun, Sept 22 at 5 PM CST.

Anyway...onto my contribution...I was so spoilt for choice but I decided to go with the one film that comes to mind everytime I see the MAD SCIENTIST  digi image....can you guess which film I am talking about??....yes it is the 1983 film, The Man With Two Brains!! the fabulously funny Steve Martin plays the world's top brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr  who pioneered the radical new cranial screw-top technique, but he grieves over the untimely death of his wife Rebecca. Thinking of her while driving home, he takes his eyes off the road and runs down the beautiful but deadly Dolores Benedict (Kathleen Turner). Hfuhruhurr performs surgery which saves her life, but as she recovers, he doesn't realize Dolores is a gold-digging vixen who has driven her latest husband to death by apoplexy. They marry, but Dolores denies her husband sexual favors, which frustrates Hfuhruhurr to distraction. He takes her on a belated honeymoon, where he meets a fellow brain surgeon who keeps an assortment of brains in his laboratory. Dolores takes the opportunity to have an extramarital affair, and when Hfuhruhurr finds out he dumps her. But in Necessiter's lab, Hfuhruhurr becomes attracted to Brain #21, Ann Uumellmahaye  with whom he communicates telepathically. At last, here is one case where a man loves a woman for her mind rather than her body, but Ann's brain is deteriorating rapidly; Hfuhruhurr needs to find a body and transplant the brain quickly in order to save Ann......and so the story goes on. I would highly recommend it. 

So now onto my creation.......

Here is my card,  I love it!  bragging I know, but I can't help it with this one!! don't you just love the cute but crazy scientist holding the brain in his hand, with all those blood splatters, I added some glossy accents to them so that they appear wet. He is my favorite and I am guessing you will see more cards made by me using him!!

You can purchase the digi image of him HERE

Now, after leaving me a bit of love, you can  swing on over to  Lisa's at for another great trip down memory lane back to the 80's.

Wednesday 18 September 2013


Boy have I struggled with this card this week, and I don't even know why!! because the challenge is to use dimension or pop....well I have never been able to do one layer cards very well and most of mine have lots of dimension (which is a bummer when trying to post), so you would think this week would be easy for me....I think the problem is that I think way too much, and it is a classic case of  "over analysis causes paralysis". note to self...(which I will probably ignore!!) be more free!! take more risks!! and now I think of it....not just in papercrafting!!! thats enough now. This weeks Hambo Stamps digi image is called Wee Henrietta Popcorn and as you now know...the challenge this week is to use dimension. I decoupaged the popcorn and adding a bit extra, then popped Henrietta up too,  hope you will join in, there are free digis up for grabs, and dont forget to come back on Friday for the Hambo 80s Blog Hop.....yippeeeee can't wait :)

Wednesday 11 September 2013

have a heart!

Just typical!!!!!!! This weeks challenge over at Hambo Stamps is to use decorative edge scissors on your project! was only a month ago that I was tidying up my craft room, saw my decorative edge scissors and thought..."I have had these things forever and all they are doing is taking up precious space!!" so I gave half of them to Pete's grandchildren, luckily I still have a couple, so I have used the deckle edge for around the edge of my card,(sorry you can't see it too well), and victorian edge scissors to cut the pink paper.
 This weeks image is called HAMSTER HEART, the cupcake and present are separate so you can do lots of different things with them.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

OH NO!!!! A Gray Hare!!!

Well..... in my case....ANOTHER gray hare!!!!, this weeks digi image from Hambo Stamps is called "headband bunny" and the challenge is to use the colors pink yellow and gray (or grey if you live in England!) I imagine this bunny with a black headband on giving someone a karate chop...hee hee. will be great for my partner Pete, he is a blackbelt 5th Dan and runs his own association, it keeps him from under my feet!!! lol. actually, him in his office, me in my craft room, we meet now and then on the landing!! if it wasn't for the fact that he pops into my room now and then to top up my glass of wine we would never spend any time him tho!

Sunday 1 September 2013


O.M.G... as I was looking through my stamps, desperately searching for any from England... (why are all the stamps I love from America!!!!) I came across one that I have had in my huge stash for FOREVER!!!! but as usual, I buy things, love em, put em away and never again see!! lol. The stamp is from Paperartsy called wings plate 5, I loved it the minute I saw it, the gorgeous angels look so adorable, I always loved the grunge look and have dabbled a bit with distressing and metal foil tape art but never knew how to get the grungey altered art type stuff......until I went onto the paperartsy blog, which lead me to their tutorials on youtube. Well I have studied Leandra,s techniques, I was inspired, ordered a couple more stuff from their shop, grunge paste, a couple of masks, treasure gold (gorgeous stuff) crackle glaze, this hanging chunky board....all super fast delivery I might add, and gave it a whirl, my paperartsy products are limited for now (that is why I have had to use stuff from other companies too) but I know I will be getting more. I love the technique of stamping onto tissue first, no mistakes, just place it exactly where you want it...AMAZING. anyway I hope you like my first to rush to put it on their blog :)