Wednesday 20 November 2013

The Cutting Queen strikes again!!...

....or as my lovely DT friend Lyn, called me "the cutting guru"!! ... and I think that I have earned the title after all the cutting out I did for this card!! This week is the start of a new hoedown challenge at Hambo Stamps and the challenge is to make an interactive card. I have so much fun doing these kind of cards and I have to say that I got my initial inspiration for my card from the very first Hambo image that I saw, I adored it straight away, the card was made by the uber talented Irene Rhodes (dandl93) using the very cute BOAT digi image, and so my love of Hambo Stamp images began there and then, I ordered the image, started joining in the Hoedown challenges and  not too long after I was beyond thrilled and very proud to be asked to join the DT,  and lovin it!! it is all down to Irene and her amazing card, and she still inspires me with her fabulous work, so thank you Irene, I owe you big time.
So back to my card for this week, I have made an interactive side stepper card, and just like Irenes card, the BOAT has an "Action Wobble" thingy on the back which makes it not only wobble but rock from side to side, I knew I wanted to put something else in the boat with him, so I stacked up all the possibilities, printed them off, and set about cutting them out......and in Judy's words "Jeez"!!, Yep... I went way "overboard" here,  I do love cutting out and I am a bit of a perfectionist in that department, I think it stems from when I was a little girl and in the magazines there would be a girl and you had to cut her out and cut out her clothes with tabs on, can anyone remember what I am on about???  so.... yes I am proud of this card, not just for the cutting out but for the fact that I used EIGHT separate Hambo images, fifteen in total....Pheww!! Great challenge, hope you can join in, I would love to see your creations.

The digi images I used are BOAT,  KANGAROO,  BIRD BALLOON,  BIRD EGG,  the two different fish are from the SNORKEL BOY set,  the ELEPHANT and BIG GIRAFFE are rubber stamps.


  1. I have no words for how awesome this is, except, AMAZING, STUPENDOUS, SENSATIONAL and WOWZA!! Or I could just say, "Geez, Jane...."

  2. Ditto what Judy said! Even if you are an overachiever :O) , you INSPIRE! I wait with anticipation to see what you will create and am never disappointed! Even though I always expect great stuff, I am always surprised by the greatness! Coloring on these guys is awesome! I guess it all boils down to I L-O-V-E this card!

    Now who to give it to that will appreciate it's value - put it in a glass showcase and visit it often and not just smile and toss it hahaha!

  3. WOW, thank inspire me every time I see one of your projects... You are amazing.... and all that fussy cutting......CRAZY... lol you do awesome work Jane....