Sunday, 1 September 2013


O.M.G... as I was looking through my stamps, desperately searching for any from England... (why are all the stamps I love from America!!!!) I came across one that I have had in my huge stash for FOREVER!!!! but as usual, I buy things, love em, put em away and never again see!! lol. The stamp is from Paperartsy called wings plate 5, I loved it the minute I saw it, the gorgeous angels look so adorable, I always loved the grunge look and have dabbled a bit with distressing and metal foil tape art but never knew how to get the grungey altered art type stuff......until I went onto the paperartsy blog, which lead me to their tutorials on youtube. Well I have studied Leandra,s techniques, I was inspired, ordered a couple more stuff from their shop, grunge paste, a couple of masks, treasure gold (gorgeous stuff) crackle glaze, this hanging chunky board....all super fast delivery I might add, and gave it a whirl, my paperartsy products are limited for now (that is why I have had to use stuff from other companies too) but I know I will be getting more. I love the technique of stamping onto tissue first, no mistakes, just place it exactly where you want it...AMAZING. anyway I hope you like my first to rush to put it on their blog :)


  1. This is gorgeous and so is the stamp!!! Great layers,and you have used lovely colours too!!

  2. Looks fantastic Jane! Love all the layers and the jaunty angle of the frame. Treasure Gold is amazing stuff, so glad you are enjoying the products, and have found yet another of my faves from the I&D collection there with that stamp too!!