Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The Hambo Hoedown is on week two of the "love" challenge, the mushy, loved up, kissy kissy, romantic kinda love, not the parent/child, or grandchild kind of love... even tho I could kissy kiss my little Jack all day!! (not seen him for 11 days so am gettin bad withdrawal symptoms..sniff sniff). So...back to the card... I am glad it is a love theme because it has given me the opportunity to make Pete's valentines card way early, instead of the usual night before rush job...hee hee. I have used the fabulous THIEF OF HEARTS digi image and the very versatile SKYLINE rubber stamp. 


  1. I love that thief so much!! Super cute~!

  2. Cute!! I like the black background on this one! I keep meaning to do my sentiments one word at a time but then never do...I will do it sometime soon - it looks so cute!