Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Great Chemistry!!

Today starts a new challenge at the Hambo Hoedown, the challenge is to create a project with a love theme, sentiments or images that show love, thinking more romantic love than child/parent love. I have chosen to use my absolute favorite image.... MAD SCIENTIST. originally he is holding a brain in his hand, but I cut that off and replaced it with another Hambo image...TEST TUBES. I have so much fun thinking how I can use the images in a different way, and I already have other ideas of what I can have the mad scientist holding in his hand, he is soooo versatile, I just love his crazy looking face.

Hope to see you joining in the fun of the Hambo Hoedown with all your love themed cards :)


  1. You are so crazy clever with your images!! Love this! The spray looks great and I love the elements below!

  2. Well you know I love it! The sheet rock tape (Meshy stuff) and the periodic info is an absolutely awesome touch! I am LOVING the backgrounds you are doing. I need to get out of the box and try some of that! I can't wait to see until next time the mad scientist shows up haha!

  3. Super clever and awesome. Love the drywall tape at the bottom to accent with the chemistry codes. The green spray just makes it pop!