Friday, 4 May 2018


My hand is in the air..."Hello, my name is Jane and I have a butterfly stamp addiction!!" that makes me an environmentally friendly lepidopterist, I dont collect the real ones, and put them in glass cases, I just have an obsession for the rubber sort!!....along with other tiny obsessions of cardboard, circles, Anyway, This months challenge title is backgrounds, and as I have said previously, I have a huuuuge pile of them, but do I go to them when I need one...oh no...I go and make another pile!!!.
I made this card for The Artistic Stamper monthly challenge, where the subject is "backgrounds". hope to see you there.

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  1. Well I have just learned a new word “lepidopterist” brilliant! A really beautiful background and butterfly Jane. I have been very good this week, and sorted through my ever increasing pile of backgrounds and I even managed to part with one or two! I will soon be making more. Happy weekend xx