Monday 11 November 2013


Todays SCS Try A New Technique Challenge is all about revisiting paper piecing, well, I'm all for that!! I am not the best at coloring so I welcomed this challenge, the added option is to use washi tape. As I was looking through my Hambo Digi Images I stopped at this cheeky NUN, I can remember using her before and being daunted by the huge area of her habit to color, so there my mind was made up, then I thought....mmmmm why not a flowered habit!!! and so that is where the idea of the "Nun-Conformist" sentiment came from. Yep, I can definitely get used to paper's a doddle!


  1. I was going to play that challenge too but didn't get to it yesterday - this is precious. She's live a hippy nun - and truly who wants "peace" more than a nun? CUTE card! I love the washi tape too- I never think of how to use it until I see it and then I think "duh!" thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Well, you know I love her pink duds, and the washi tape is CUTE!

  3. Very clever! I always love seeing what you come up with and am always impressed!