Wednesday, 9 October 2013


This week I am still staying on the vellum theme, continuing from last week where at the Hambo Hoedown the challenge is to use vellum on your project. As it is nearing Halloween I thought it would be appropriate do do something with that theme in mind. I have used the SPIDER WEB digi image, cut it out (yes thats me again Lyn!!! lol) and put it behind a sheet of vellum to make it more muted, I then printed off the bigger spiders, added some glossy accents to them, cut them out and added a strip of transparency film to one of them, I then curved the film so that it actually sticks out from the card and wobbles about, I then stamped a few of the smaller spiders with the SPIDER rubber stamp, cut them out and gave them the glossy accents treatment. The inside of the card reads..."Just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday".
Note to self....Why do I always do these Halloween cards this shape!!!!!!

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  1. haha - I was looking at this thinking how gothic it looked with all these colors and shapes(maybe why you choose them?) and then read that and... you read my mind - "she is a cutting fiend"! It looks great! Love the green splatters too - great touch!