Wednesday, 24 July 2013

you COLOUR my world

The Hambo hoedown challenge for this week over at Hambo Stamps is all about stripes!! well it is a known fact...(well...known to me, as I am probably the only one that reads my hoo) that I hardly do patterns, I just don't have an eye for that sort of thing, I think I am a bit beige!!! my friend even takes the micky out of me because it has taken me 15 years to go from white emulsioned walls to.....wait for it!!!....magnolia!!! It's not that I dont like patterns, it's just that I cannot live with it,  but I really admire people that have a colourful imagination, my friend is loud and bold and her decor reflects her personality, I must be beige, predictable and well.... boring!!! (I'm not really, just too safe and careful sometimes). Anyway, back to this weeks hoedown, like I said this weeks challenge is stripes. I don't know why I chose to work with the MOUSE PAINTER digi image apart from the fact that he is a cutie, and I imagined him painting not in stripes but "tartan" !!! there is a standing joke at work when somebody new starts, we send them to the shop for some tartan paint....I'm giggling now thinking about it, other things on the list are, a long stand, a bubble for a spirit level, and the worse one... some clitoris mints (gulp). boy oh boy am I getting sidetracked today, back to the mouse painter digi image, so that is how my mind went from tartan paint to stripey paint, I also used part of the "you rock my world" rubber stamp, I just omitted the "rock" and replaced it with "colour" generated from my computer.  Please hop along and take a look on the Hambo Stamps site, they do rubber stamps, clear stamps, digi images, and lots of accessories and paper, they have the wickedest sense of humor and I just love them.


  1. WOW! You haze the new guys haha... I love how you used the mouse painter! His stripey paint is so, so clever and I love the sentiment! You did a great job with the DP for such a rare endeavor. Your cards are always so awesome that I didn't realize you didn't use a lot of DP.
    Love it!!

  2. PERFECT image for this challenge! I love this, so bright and fun, just an all around wonderful card!

  3. This is so awesome I just love everything about it! Perfect creation for this challenge!

    Peace & Luv,

  4. I just ADORE this card! I love, love, love how you did the paint stripes!