Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fish Hooks

I know what you're thinking!!!!!!! Where in this world did I get the idea to make earrings out of this weeks digi image from Hambo Stamps !!!!! I am even amazed... I mean.... the challenge is to make anything but a card with this weeks digi image called  FISH HOOKS!!!,  so do I think of anything else like a tag, or a goodie bag,???? ....Nooooooooo, the first thing that I saw when I recieved the image was the loop at the top of the hook, and thought mmmmm I will make earrings, what was I thinking of !!! then to make things even harder I wanted to use shrinkles ( the sheets of thin plastic that you put in the oven and the image shrinks to a seventh of the size) a bit like when I was a kid and would put crisp packets (potato chips to you Americans) in the oven and they would miraculously shrink and go hard. Anyway, as you cannot pass the shrinkles through the printer I first had to print the image onto copier paper then trace it, color it and then finally bake in the oven, then I realised I hadn't used a sentiment so I did the same procedure for the sentiment and used that for the other earring....sooooo... any fishermen out there that wants to give their wife a pair of handmade earrings, maybe for an anniversary or valentines day or just cos you love her?????  Going free to a good home.

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  1. Jane I am SOOOO glad you finally got to use those shrinkles! AND they turned out GREAT even though they were so much work. Some lucky fisherman's wife is gonna be so excited!