Thursday, 17 January 2013

"Fridge" Fridge Magnet

Yesterday as I was looking at the other "refrigerator" creations made by the Hambo Stamps design team I had a flash of inspiration after seeing Lyn's (of mypurplehouse) fabulous magnet board, I thought how quirky to make a fridge magnet from an image of a fridge!!! dont know why I didnt think of it earlier, so I thought it would be great done with shrinkles, the stuff that you print on, then put it in the oven and it shrinks and goes hard, I searched high and low, couldn't find it, so, I thought I would laminate it,...... my laminator wouldn't work, sigh!! so I just ended up putting some magnetic strip on the back of my colored image, and voila. The refrigerator digi image can be purchased from Hambo Stamps and can be found here. ps, the photo is of me aged 2.

Dont forget to come back tomorrow, Hambo Stamps are having a customer inclusive blog hop, the subject is "name that toon" I'm so excited to see what everyone has created.

1 comment:

  1. I came over to see what your brainstorm was and... I love it!! Is that you in the picture? Such a cutie!! I have never tried this before but want to - I heard that you can make your own shrinky dinks (shrinkles) Here is a link that I found - if you do it first, let me know if it works!!
    Great job on your magnet!